Brickoin s.r.l. is a new company operating in the real estate investment sector.

Brickoin makes it possible to invest in the real estate sector in a safe, reliable way and with returns, higher than other types of investments considered low risk.

Thanks to the possibility of accessing particularly advantageous real estate transactions, the result of operations that Brickoin carries out:
on the standard market
through telematic auctions
through the acquisition of non performing loans (NPLs)

The 4 Brickcoin’s pillars


Real Estate Marketplace

Nella piattaforma viene proposta una serie di immobili su cui investire, tutti di proprietà di Brickoin o su cui Brickoin ha un’opzione di acquisto.

Gli immobili sono stati valutati e vengono per cui presentati con documentazione e ROI atteso.

Ogni immobile è diviso in 32 carati a cui viene dato un valore proporzionale. Il carato è l’unità che dà il diritto alla rendita sull’immobile e nella piattaforma è possibile comprare carati di immobili al prezzo proposto o negoziare i carati con gli altri investitori prima della conclusione dell’operazione immobiliare.


La Blockchain: i brickoin

Brickoin blockchain works like a real “virtual properties registry”, in which the properties of the karats and the related transactions are recorded. In this way, each user can always keep track, also with external services not managed by Brickoin, of the activities concerning the properties for which it holds rights. This determines the absolute traceability and safety. This innovative technique is called real estate tokenization and in our opinion represents the future of the Real Estate market.


Il Club

In order to register with Brickoin, it is necessary to receive an invitation from an already registered investor. This is necessary because there are only 32 carats per property and can be acquired by a relatively small number of investors. Once registered by an invitation, it will be possible to invite a maximum of 5 contacts per month. For each brickoin invested by one of its guests, the investor will receive 0.5% of the investment on their wallet.


L’Intelligenza Artificiale

In order to make the search and valuation of properties more effective, the creation of a crawler connected to an artificial intelligence system, capable of evaluating and searching for the best transactions on property advertising websites, judicial auction sites and in public administration portals. The algorithm, already under construction, is able to evaluate the properties with the greatest potential for profitability in the short, medium and long term.


November 2020

Brickoin is born

In November 2020 the SRL is established and entered in the register of innovative startups. Capital i.v. € 122,000.

Fundraising Fase 1

A fundraising campaign is started through a capital injection and bank financing. € 428,000 raised

Gennaio 2021
June 2021

Beta release of the Web Platform

The purchase phase of the first batch of properties is completed and the web platform that manages the promotion of real estate operations is released.

Real estate business

Batch 01​

Web Platform V1.0 release

The batch for the purchase of rental properties starts and the module of the platform that manages the KYC and the payment system is released.

May 2022

Real estate business

Batch 02

December 2022

Blockchain release

Activation of the “Virtual Property registry” based on blockchain for the management of real estate tokenization.

Real estate business

Batch 03

Artificial Intelligence Release

Enhancement of the real estate marketplace and release of the A.I. for research and evaluation of properties.

Maggio 2023

Mercato di riferimento

Prezzo medio al mq residenziale Milano
Gennaio 2015 – Settembre 2022


Mercato di riferimento

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Periodo di riferimento: 2016-2022